Our educational programs have been supported by one or more of these organizations since 2003.

CEMEFI (Centro Mexicano para la Filantropia) – Since we joined in 2007 we have learned how much we didn’t know about running a non-profit in Mexico. Dulce, Veronica and Judy took courses on fundraising, administration, filing tax returns and importation of donated items, among other things. Dulce also completed a course on running a civil association for which she received a diploma from Technologia de Monterrey.
In 2009 we received certification from CEMEFI of our “Institucionalidad y Transparencia,” which gives us the right to use the logo you see to the left on our web pages and letterhead. We are the only organization in Baja California Sur to have this honor.

Club Cruceros de La Paz – www.clubcruceros.org – a Mexican non-profit civil association, is dedicated to exchanging cruising information. The club’s membership is made up mostly of foreign boat owners and some “landlubbers.”
The year of its inception in 1988, Club Cruceros started an annual “Subasta” (auction) held out of the back of a pickup in the parking lot of Marina de La Paz. The club partnered with various local organizations which picked the most impoverished areas of La Paz to deliver toys, blankets and food for families at Christmastime.
In 2000 some of the members of the Charity Committee formed a civil association which later became Fundación Ayuda Niños La Paz, A.C., better known as FANLAP. Since that time the money from Subasta has been distributed by FANLAP.
Although the annual Subasta is now organized by FANLAP, members of Club Cruceros continue to provide invaluable help to make the event a success. We are extremely grateful to them for helping us to serve the Children of La Paz.
Note:  The last Subasta was held in December, 2015.  We no longer have a venue suitable for such an undertaking.

Rotary Clubs       ■ Universidad Mundial
Tenaja Holdings – a member of the Innovaciones Alumbra family of organizations
Candeo Fund provides charitable support to nonprofit organizations and charitable causes along the Baja California peninsula, Sea of Cortez and Central America.
Biblioteca Infantil Abrapalabra – When Biblioteca Infantil Abrapalabra, A.C., opened their doors on Calle Guillermo Prieto, their board had a dream of opening branches in low-income neighborhoods in an effort to instill the joy of reading and learning in small children in those “colonias”.  To that end, we of FANLAP signed an agreement with them to open their first such branch in our dining room/library/learning center building. We had a room which they had remodeled with an entryway exclusive to Abrapalabra, and they also hired a teacher for the children.  At this time (2018) up to 15 children from ages 3 to 8 (and some older children) attend classes from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. 5 days a week.  We are grateful to Abrapalabra for helping in our efforts to offer children of impoverished neighborhoods the opportunity to learn.

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