Breakfast And Lunch Programs

In 1993, teachers of the grade school in Colonia Marquez de Leon reported a high incidence of poor attendance, bad study habits, and children fainting in class due to lack of food. Father Luis Ruggera initiated a before-school breakfast soon after in a small chapel located within walking distance of the school. A nun secured supplies and taught the women of the neighborhood how to cook for a large number of children.

Colonia Marquez de Leon
Some associates of Fundación Ayuda Niños La Paz, A.C. (FANLAP) became involved with the program in 1996, using funds donated by Club Cruceros de La Paz and Trinity Lutheran Church of Vancouver, Washington. Although FANLAP is not involved in this program, breakfast is still being served in a new dining room and kitchen built on this site. (Note: Trinity Lutheran Church is no longer helping this program.  We thank them for their help from 1999 through 2016).

                International Community Foundation contributions

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