Often laborers earn minimum wages

Often men who work as laborers are paid minimum wages, the equivalent of $10 to $20 U.S. daily. Some of the women must support their children on even less by doing domestic work.

Colonias Marquez de Leon, Laguna Azul, Villas de Guadalupe, and Vista Hermosa are among the poorest neighborhoods located on the outskirts of La Paz, near the City dump. Other than in Colonia Marquez de Leon, none of the houses have piped-in water or sewer systems; some homes have no electricity installed. Most of the houses are constructed of tarpaper or cardboard. Many are single-parent households; in others the man of the house is not able to work because of an injury or illness. Problems of alcoholism and drug use prevail throughout the neighborhoods. Some people from these colonias must scavenge in the dumps for food, clothing and other discarded items they may be able to use or sell to neighbors.
Young boys from these neighborhoods often try to find work washing cars or windows; in some households children work in the family taco stand or other businesses instead of going to school. In parts of the jurisdiction of La Paz children work in the fields to help with the family income.

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