La Paz, the capitol of the state of Baja California Sur, is a beautiful, quiet city located on the Sea of Cortez 900 driving miles south of San Diego. Until the highway was completed in the 1970s, La Paz was a sleepy fishing village, with few visitors other than fishermen and those with private airplanes. Then things began to change.

During the 70s and 80s, a building boom began in la Paz and other parts of Baja California Sur, and workmen poured into the area from the mainland of Mexico, bringing their wives and children. Many men worked on short-lived construction jobs, and not finding other employment, returned to their birthplaces, leaving their wives and children behind to fend for themselves. Others, who stayed in la Paz, often weren’t able to find full time jobs and couldn’t support their families.

The colonias we serve

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