“Maria” is a bright girl.  She is the middle child of five, the oldest girl. Her mother leaves home early in the morning to work as a domestic across town. Her father left home a few years ago “to find work in Cabo San Lucas”, but doesn’t send any money home. Maria likes and does very well in school, makes sure her younger brother and sister get up, go to the community center for breakfast with her, and walks with them the five blocks to school. This year she is in the 6th grade… and up to a few years ago, this would have meant the end of her education.

Most of us were fortunate to have been raised in a country where public education is available to all for twelve years. UNESCO hopes to effect “Education for all by 2015.” Something like this does not happen by hoping, but will happens only with the combined efforts of many people.

In addition to serving breakfast two days a week to augment the breakfast programs of the Catholic Church in Colonias Marquez de Leon and Vista Hermosa and sponsoring a lunch program in a dining room we had constructed, Fundación Ayuda Niños La Paz, A.C., is doing its part by providing financial help to junior and senior high school students to enable them to obtain more than six years of education.

The children the Fundación works with, like Maria, have been raised in economic poverty. As were their parents, and their grandparents. Many of the parents of our students cannot read, many more have had no more than a third grade education. These parents are aware that receiving an education is one of the surest means by which their children can change their lives.  And you can be a part of this change.

This web site tells the story of what a few people are doing in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico, to help children in their area. Hopefully this will inspire you to do something in your part of the world. If you live in La Paz we would welcome your participation and if you live outside of La Paz, you can help with a tax deductible donation.

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